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Pop the Box for iPhone and iPod Touch
How many boxes can you open in 60 seconds?
Open all the boxes, get the fruits but stay away of the red crabs.

iPhone/iPod Touch:          iPad: Coming soon
Tap and crack.
When you start the game boxes will start flying from the left side of the screen.
Tap each box 3 times to crack it open and see what's inside.
The Goal.
Your goal is to open as many boxes as you can and collect as many fruits as you
can. You move the monkey left-right by tilting your device. But beware! Boxes also contain red crabs. When a crab
touches you, it steals all the fruits you collected. If you
see a crab walking toward you, tap the monkey to make it jump high into the air. When you're in the air you can tilt your device to control the monkey jump and make it land far far away from the crab.
All game, no screen clutter.
Game controls occupy very little screen realestate so you can see all the action.
Beautiful graphics.
Beautiful graphics, easy and addictive gameplay, random boxes generated each time you start a new game. Whenever
you have a few seconds to kill, open the game and tap those boxes.
It's free.
You can download and play Pop the Box for free. A small banner will appear in the bottom of the screen. If you like the game and would like to remove the advertising you can do so by clicking the Remove Ads button from the main menu. The in-app purchase costs 0.99$. After that the banners will no longer appear.
Game Center.
Check the leaderboard in Game Center to see how good you are at popping boxes.
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